Welcome to the online catalogue of Walmer's Seeds. Our seed stock allows easy access to the great variety of vegetables, fruits, flowers and other plants grown worldwide, some little known in Europe. Many of the resulting plants grown from our seeds have fruits, roots, leaves or flowers with a high nutritional or medicinal value and can be grown in the with no special preparation. With the change in the natural environment new plants need to be grown and their benefits explored.
     All our seeds are supplied in sealed packets. We randomly select varieties to grow ourselves to check quality and germination so are able to offer a very simple guarantee - if your seeds do not germinate we will give you a full refund. Our postage charges are at cost and reflect the rates charged by the British Post Office. Rates are shown on the postage page and are automatically added to your order on the checkout page. There is a small handling charge of 0.60c per order.  
    Your feedback and constructive comment is important to us so any information you would like to send during the germination, growing and fruiting of seeds supplied is always welcome and helps build our knowledge. Please see our contact page. Enjoy browsing our catalogue.  

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